VisCenter plays a major role in, providing novel tools for visualization urban growth

Date Published: 
Sunday, December 11, 2011

The VisCenter is a key partner in the Renaissance Computing Initiative (RENCI). This is a partnership among 5 NC universities: UNC Chapel Hill, NC State, UNC Charlotte, Duke, and UNC Asheville. The VisCenter has joined with the Urban Institute and CAGIS to form RENCI@uncc. The thrust of RENCI@uncc is the development of urban growth models for the whole state and novel interactive visualization techniques to enable understanding and decision-making using these complex models. The VisCenter leads the latter effort through the development of the Renaissance Situation Room, located in the VisCenter, which includes a multi-touch table, tiled display, immersive stereoscopic environment, and integrated interaction for all these tools. New interactive visualizations of the urban growth model and related models are displayed and used within this environment. To learn more about RENCI@uncc, click here.