2011 Publications


PDF icon Leveraging loosely-tagged images and inter-object correlations for tag recommendation

Y. Shen, J. Fan. ACM Multimedia, 2010


PDF icon Structured learning for automatic image annotation

X. Xue, H. Luo, J. Fan. ACM CIVR'10 (ACM Conf. on Image and Video Retrieval), 2010


PDF icon Automatically protecting privacy in consumer generated videos using intended human object detector

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PDF icon Social Computing for Collaborative Image Understanding

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PDF icon Astrojumper: Motivating Exercise with an Immersive Virtual Reality Exergame

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PDF icon A Two-stage Framework for Designing Visual Analytics Systems in Organizational Environments

Xiaoyu Wang, Wenwen Dou, Thomas Butkiewicz, Eric A. Bier, William Ribarsky Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST), pp. 251-260(2011)


PDF icon Designing Knowledge-assisted Visual Analytics Systems for Organizational Environments

Xiaoyu Wang, Thomas Butkiewicz, Wenwen Dou, Eric Bier, William Ribarsky


PDF icon ParallelTopics: A Probabilistic Approach to Exploring Document Collections

Wenwen Dou, Xiaoyu Wang, Remco Chang, William Ribarsky Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST), pp. 231-240(2011)


PDF icon A State Transition Approach to Understanding Users Interactions

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PDF icon The Whole Story: Building the Complete History of a Place

William Ribarsky, Eric Sauda, Zachary Wartell, Jeffery BalmerSystem Science (HICSS), pp. 1864-1873(2012)


PDF icon How Locus of Control Influences Compatibility with Visualization Style

Caroline Ziemkiewicz, R. Jordan Crouser, Ashley Rye Yauilla, Sara L. Su, William Ribarsky, Remco Chang IEEE Conference on Visual Analytics Science and Technology (2011)


PDF icon Real-time Visualization of Streaming Text with Force-Based Dynamic System

J. Alsakran, Y. Chen, D. Luo, Y. Zhao, J. Yang, W. Dou, and S. LiuIEEE Computer Graphics & Application


PDF icon Supporting Effective Common Ground Construction in Asynchronous Collaborative Visual Analytics

Y.Chen, J. Alsakran, S. Barlowe, J. Yang, and Y. ZhaoIEEE VAST 2011.


PDF icon STREAMIT: dynamic visualization and interactive exploration of text streams

J. Alsakran, Y. Chen, Y. Zhao, J. Yang, and D. Luo Proc. IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium 2011: 131-138.


PDF icon VAST 2011 MiniChallenge: UNCC Viral Tracker

Alex Midgett, Jack Guest, Kalpathi Subramanian Proceedings of IEEE VAST 2011, Oct 16-21, 2011, Providence, RI.


PDF icon Temporal Volume Flow: An Approach to Tracking Failure Recovery

Jianfei Liu, Kalpathi Subramanian, Terry YooProceedings of SPIE Medical Imaging 2011, Feb. 12-17, 2011, Orlando, FL.


PDF icon Laws of Attraction: From Perceived Forces to Conceptual Similarity

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PDF icon Pargnostics: Screen-Space Metrics for Parallel Coordinates

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PDF icon Privacy-Preserving Data Visualization using Parallel Coordinates

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PDF icon Indirect Multi-Touch Interaction for Brushing in Parallel Coordinates

Robert Kosara Visualization and Data Analysis (VDA) (2011)


PDF icon Event Structuring as a General Approach to Building Knowledge in Time-Based Collections

William Ribarsky, Zachary Wartell and Wenwen Dou Event Structuring as a General Approach to Building Knowledge in Time-Based Collections, pp. 149-162(2012)


PDF icon Interactive Detection of Network Anomalies via Coordinated Multiple Views

Lane Harrison, Xianlin Hu, Xiaowei Ying, Aidong Lu, Weichao Wang and Xintao WuThe 7th International Symposium on Visualization for Cyber Security (VizSec), 2010.


PDF icon Towards Effective Collaborative Analysis For Distributed Intrusion Detection

Xianlin Hu, Huaguang Song, Lane Harrison, Aidong Lu, Jinzhu Gao and Weichao WangThe 6th IASTED International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI 2011), May 2011.


PDF icon Analytic Provenance Process + Interaction + Insight.pdf

Chris North, Remco Chang, Alex Endert, Wenwen Dou, Richard May, William Pike, Glenn Fink. In Proceedings of the 2011 annual conference extended abstracts on Human factors in computing systems, CHI EA '11, pages 22-26, New York, NY, USA, 2011. ACM.

2010 Publications


PDF icon Multimedia Analysis + Visual Analytics = Multimedia Analytics

Nancy A. Chinchor, James J. Thomas, Pak Chung Wong, Michael G. Christel, William RibarskyComputer Graphics and Applications, IEEE Vol.30(5), pp: 52-60(2010)


PDF icon Comparative Evaluation of Two Interface Tools in Performing Visual Analytics Tasks

Dong Hyun Jeong, Tera Marie Green, William Ribarsky, Remco ChangProceedings of BELIV workshop, ACM SIGCHI 2010


PDF icon Alleviating the Modifiable Areal Unit Problem within Probe-Based Geospatial Analyses

Thomas Butkiewicz, Remco Chang, Zachary Wartell, William RibarskyComputer Graphics Forum, Vol.29(3), pp: 923–932(2010)


PDF icon A Knowledge-assisted Visual Analytics Framework for Knowledge Incorporation and Communication

Xiaoyu Wang, Wenwen Dou, Eric Bier, Dong Jeong, Remco Chang, William Ribarsky


PDF icon An Interactive Visual Analytics System for Bridge Management

Xiaoyu Wang, Wenwen Dou, Shen-en Chen, William Ribarsky, Remco ChangComputer Graphics Forum, Vol.29(3), pp: 1033-1042(2010)


PDF icon Capturing Reasoning Process Through User Interaction

Wenwen Dou, William Ribarsky, Remco ChangIEEE EuroVis Symposium on Visual Analytics (EuroVAST) 2010