2013 Publications


PDF icon Visual Analysis of Situationally Aware Building Evacuations

Jack Guest, Todd Eaglin, Kalpathi Subramanian, William Ribarsky SPIE Conference on Visualization and Data Analysis 2013(VDA 2013), IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging, Feb. 4-6, 2013, San Francisco, CA


PDF icon A Novel Approach to Customer Analytics via Social Media Analysis

William Ribarsky, Xiaoyu Wang, and Wenwen Dou Invited paper. Computers & Graphics (Special Issue on EuroVA 2013)


PDF icon Discover Diamonds-in-the-Rough using Interactive Visual Analytics System: Tweets as a Collective Diary of the Occupy Movement

Xiaoyu Wang, Zhiqiang Ma, Wenwen Dou, and William Ribarsky IEEE SocMedVis 2013 (2013)


PDF icon Evaluating exploratory visualization systems: A user study on how clustering-based visualization systems support information see

Y. Liu, S. Barlowe, Y. Feng, J. Yang, M. Jiang Information Visualization 12(1): 25-43 (2013)


PDF icon PIWI: Visually Exploring Graphs Based on Their Community Structure

J. Yang, Y. Liu, X. Zhang, X. Yuan, Y. Zhao, S. Barlowe, S. Liu IEEE Trans. Vis. Comput. Graph. 19(6): 1034-1047 (2013)


PDF icon Hierarchical Topics: Visually Exploring Large Text Collections Using Topic Hierarchies

Wenwen Dou, Li Yu, Xiaoyu Wang, Zhiqiang Man, and William Ribarsky IEEE Transactions in Visualization and Computer Graphics (IEEE VAST 2013)


PDF icon Less After-the-Fact: Investigative Visual Analysis of Events from Streaming Twitter

Thomas Kraft, Derek Xiaoyu Wang, Jeffrey Delawder, Wenwen Dou, Li Yu, and William Ribarsky IEEE Large-Scale Data Analysis and Visualization (LDAV 2013)


PDF icon Stereo and Motion Cues Effect on Depth Perception in Volumetric Data

Isaac Cho, Zachary Wartell, Wenwen Dou, Xiaoyu Wang and William Ribarsky Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XXV (SD&A 2014), IS&T / SPIE Electronic Imaging 2014. 


PDF icon HyFinBall: A Two-Handed, Hybrid 2D/3D Desktop VR Interface for Multi-Dimensional Visualization

Isaac Cho, Xiaoyu Wang, Zachary Wartell Visualization and Data Analysis (VDA 2014), IS&T / SPIE Electronic Imaging 2014.


PDF icon Deformable Alignment Using Random Projections of Landmark Images

Hui Wu, Dustin M. Bowers, Toan T. Huynh, and Richard Souvenir Charlotte Visualization Center: Technical Report, CVC-UNCC-13-14. University of North Carolina at Charlotte. October 2013


PDF icon Interactive Analysis and Visualization of Situationally Aware Building Evacuations

Jack Guest, Todd, Eaglin, KR Subramanian, and William Ribarsky To be published. Information Visualization Journal.  


PDF icon Towards a Visual Analytics Framework for Handling Complex Business Processes

William Ribarsky, Xiaoyu Wang, Wenwen Dou, and William Tolone. To be published. HICSS 2014.


PDF icon Social Media Analytics for Competitive Advantage

William Ribarsky, Xiaoyu Wang, and Wenwen Dou. Invited paper. Computers & Graphics (Special Issue on EuroVA 2013).


PDF icon ManyInsights A Visual Analytics Approach to Supporting Effective Insight Management.pdf

Yang Chen and Jing Yang. Tsinghua Science and Technology 18(2): 171-181 (2013)

2012 Publications


PDF icon Examining Spectral Space of Complex Networks with Positive and Negative Links

L. Wu, X. Ying, X. Wu, A. Lu, Z-H. Zhou International Journal of Social Network Mining, Vol. 1 (1), pp. 91-111 (2012)


PDF icon Efficient Graffiti Image Retrieval

Chunlei Yang, Pak Wong, William Ribarsky and Jianping FanACM International Conference on Multimedia Retreival (ICMR 2012)


PDF icon Towards the Establishment of a Framework for Intuitive Multi-touch Interaction Design

Amy Ingram, Xiaoyu Wang and William RibarskyProceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces, AVI 2012.


PDF icon RiskVA: A Visual Analytics System for Consumer Credit Risks Analysis

Xiaoyu Wang, Dong Jeong, Remco Chang and William RibarskyTsinghua Science and Technology Journal, 17(4), (2012).


PDF icon Evaluating Depth Perception of Volumetric Data in Semi-Immersive VR

Isaac Cho, Wenwen Dou, Zachary Wartell, William Ribarsky and Xiaoyu Wang VR (Virtual Reality) 2012


PDF icon Evaluating Depth Perception of Volumetric Data in Semi-Immersive VR

Isaac Cho, Wenwen Dou, Zachary Wartell, William Ribarsky and Xiaoyu Wang AVI (Advanced Visual Interfaces) 2012


PDF icon I-SI: Scalable Architecture of Analyzing Latent Topical-Level Information From Social Media Data.

Xiaoyu Wang, Wenwen Dou, Zhiqiang Ma, Jeremy Villalobos, Yang Chen, Thomas Kraft and William RibarskyComputer Graphics Forum, Volume 31 - Issue 3, pp.1275-1284. 2012


PDF icon LeadLine: Interactive Visual Analysis of Text Data through Event Identification and Exploration.

W. Dou, X. Wang, D. Skau, W. Ribarsky and M. X. Zhou. Accepted for publication, IEEE Conference on Visual Analytics Science and Technology, 2012.


PDF icon Supporting an Interval Training Program with the Astrojumper Video Game

Andrea Nickel, Hugh Kinsey, Tiffany Barnes and Zachary Wartell. Meaningful Play 2012: Electronic Proceedings.


PDF icon How Visualization Layout Relates to Locus of Control and Other Personality Factors

Caroline Ziemkiewicz, Alvitta Ottley, R.J. Crouser, Rye Yauilla, Sara Su, William Ribarsky, and Remco Chang. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Preprint, ISSN: 1077-2626 (2012).


PDF icon Effective Summarization of Large-Scale Web Images

Chunlei Yang, Jialie Shen, and Jianping Fan Proceedings Multimedia ’11, pp. 1145-1148 (2011).


PDF icon Automated Image Annotation with Weakly Labeled Dataset

Wei Zhang, Yao Lu, Xiangyang Xue, and Jianping Fan Proceedings Multimedia ’11, pp. 1185-1188 (2011).


PDF icon Leveraging Auxiliary Text Terms for Automatic Image Annotation

Ning Zhou, Yi Shen, Jinye Peng, Xiaoyu Feng, and Jianping Fan WWW 2011 Poster


PDF icon Quantitative Characterization of Semantic Gaps for Learning Complexity Estimation and Inference Model Selection

Jianping Fan, Xiaofei Hei, Ning Zhou, Jinye Peng, and Ramesh Jain IEEE Transactions on Multimedia 14(5) pp. 1414-1428 (2012)


PDF icon Towards Utilizing Heterogeneous Analytics Interfaces in Coastal Infrastructure Management

Xiaoyu Wang, Thomas Butkiewicz, Isaac Cho, Zachary Wartell. Charlotte Visualization Center: Technical Report, CVC-UNCC-12-15. University of North Carolina at Charlotte. March 2012.

2011 Publications


PDF icon Designing Knowledge-Assisted Visual Analytics Systems for Organizational Environments

Xiaoyu Wang, Thomas Butkiewicez, Wenwen Dou, Eric Bier, William RibarskyProceedings of the 2011 Visual Information Communication (2011)