Zachary Wartell, Associate Professor and Co-Director

Computer Science, virtual reality, stereoscopic displays, scientific and information visualization

Daniel Janies, Carol Grotnes Belk Distinguished Professor and Co-Director

Bioinformatics and Genomics, empirical studies of organismal diversity

K.R. Subramanian, Associate Professor

Computer Science, medical imaging, bioinformatics, scientific visualization

Jing Yang, Professor

Computer Science, information visualization, large scale, multi-dimensional data analysis

Aidong Lu, Associate Professor

Computer Science, volume illustration, 3D feature extraction and visualization

Wenwen Dou, Assistant Professor

Computer Science, event-driven visual analytics, analysis of unstructured text collections

Isaac Cho, Research Assistant Professor

Computer Science

Samira Shaikh, Assistant Professor

Computer Science

William Tolone, Professor

Software and Information Systems, networked collaboration, collaborative authorization models

Wlodek Zadrozny, Associate Professor

Computer Science, natural language understanding, DeepQA

Chris Beorkrem, Assistant Professor

Architecture, digital design and fabrication

Dale Brentrup, Professor

Architecture daylighting, energy technology, sustainable building design

Bill Chu, Professor

Software and Information Systems, security, multi-agents

Jianping Fan, Professor

Computer Science, image and video classification, multimedia databases

Jose Gamez, Associate Professor

Architecture, sustainable communities, construction

Yong Ge, Assistant Professor

Computer Science, data mining, recommender systems, business analytics

Edd Hauser, Professor

Geography & Earth Sciences, public sector transportation, highway safety, homeland security

Celine Latulipe, Professor

Novel interaction techniques using two hands, new media, visualization, usable security and diversity issues

Heather Lipford, Professor

Software and Information Systems, Human-computer interaction, computer supported cooperative work, ubiquitous computing, and software engineering

Taghi Mostafavi, Associate Professor

Computer Science, biomedical imaging, reconstruction, and instrumentation

Arindam Mukherjee, Associate Professor

Electrical and Computer Engineering, bioinformatics, bioengineering and bio-inspired electronic design

John Nelson, Associate Professor

Architecture, 3D architectural modeling and visualization

Zbigniew Ras, Professor

Computer Science, knowledge discovery and data mining, music information retrieval multimedia databases, intelligent query processing

Alan Rauch, Professor

English, cultural studies of science, dissemination of knowledge

Arun Ravindran, Associate Professor

Electrical and Computer Engineering, computer architectures for bioinformatics, field programmable gate arrays for visual simulation

Eric Sauda, Professor

Architecture, urban planning, mixed used development, smart growth

Min Shin, Professor

Computer Science, computer vision, gesture recognition, 3D hand tracking

David Wilson, Associate Professor

Software and Information Systems, intelligent software systems, task-based geospatial annotation/retrieval

Jing Xiao, Professor

Computer Science, robotics, haptics, multimedia, artificial intelligence

Shaoting Zhang, Assistant Professor

Computer Science, medical imaging informatics, large-scale visual understanding, machine learning