VIZBI 2018 

- Cambridge, MA, March 28-30, 2018

- VIZBI 2018 features keynotes from Kim Goodwin and Anders Ynnerman, as well as talks from 18 world-leading researchers showcasing visualizations transforming how life scientists view data, and driving key advances in molecular biology, systems biology, biomedical science, and ecology. The meeting aims to advance data visualization in the life sciences and brings together a diverse community, including bioinformaticians, data scientists, computer scientists, and experimentalists, as well as medical illustrators, graphic designers, and graphic artists.

Please contact Daniel Janies <djanies@uncc.edufor more information and a discount code for the tickets.




- Phoenix, Arizona, Oct 1-6, 2017.
- IEEE VIS is an annual conference on scientific visualization, information visualization, and visual analytics administrated by the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Visualization and Graphics


VIZBI 2017 

Sydney, Australia, June 4-16 2017

- The VIZBI initiative is an international conference series bringing together researchers developing and using computational visualization to address a broad range of biological research areas; the conference also attracts participation from medical illustrators, graphic designers, and graphic artists. VIZBI is held annually in March, alternating between Europe and the USA.